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Past Shows

Dungeons & Improvisation Adventure Show
Dungeons & Improvisation Adventure Show
Flawed Ambition
Flawed Ambition
Synthesise Me Cowboy
Synthesise Me Cowboy
The Bad OrFun Musical
The Bad OrFun Musical

Dungeons And Improvisation Adventure Show Poster

Joshua Kapitza at the Podium
"Joshua Kapitza at his Podium" - Photography by Martin Christmas


Dungeons And Improvisation Adventure Show - 2013

An improvisation show inspired by Dungeons and Dragons using dice and audience suggestions to detail a journey of a hero fighting against a villain to save the land from tyranny. All while standing up for what is good and right in the world (or at least, we hope).

Every name, species, item and main character was decided by audience suggestions on the night. Created by Joshua Kapitza in his first major director role, and to great success. Performed for the 2013 Adelaide Fringe and was greatly received. The show stayed consistently funny, and mostly coherent. A new slightly altered version will be coming to the 2014 Adelaide Fringe!

"Sensational" - Rip It Up Magazine.
Full review here: http://www.ripitup.com.au/fix/article/fix-reviews-thu-feb-28

"I had a great time and laughed a lot." - Yaniism.
Full review here: http://yaniblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/fringe-dungeons-and-improvisation.html

"An awesome show. My cheeks are still sore from laughing so hard." - The director's father.
Full review here: see the directorís father.

Dungeons And Improvisation Adventure Show Cast
"The Cast Taking a Bow" - Photography by Martin Christmas
From left to right: Aaron DeWickersley, Curtis Shipley, Miranda Richardson, Kendra Pratt, Izzy Rositano, Jasmine Homes, Craig McArdle, and Joshua Kapitza. *Cast member Eden Tribilco absent*


Flawed Ambition Poster


Flawed Ambition - 2011

Aubrey was born with a strange gift. Her gift drives her to be the best at what she does. In her pursuit of perfection she ignores the people most important to her. When, through her own ambition to attempt the impossible, she fails, she has nothing but ambition left and realises what she lost in the blind pursuit of her dreams.

This piece was written to cover the subjects of developing ambition, relationships, and the overall balance of a successful life. It toured to six different venues in Adelaide through the OOTS program, and was seen by many schools across Adelaide. Itís intent was to raise awareness of local theatre production in the youth of Adelaide who would not normally go to see theatre, and school were encouraged to send students outside the drama class.

Flawed Ambition Cast


This projects was made possible by the West Beach Community Bank, a branch of the Bendigo Bank, who donated all costs to the production. This allowed the travelling troupe of actors and project creator Luke Bartholomew to be paid for their work, and meant the local theatres were not out of pocket.

<< From left to right: Luke Bartholomew, writer/director/producer, and cast, Miranda Richardson, Daniella Pilla, Joshua Kapitza, and Samuel Williams.

Synthesise Me Cowboy - 2011

A show put together by uni students with a passion for the absurd in the 2011 Adelaide Fringe. The show came from the mind of James Dubay, and written by Luke Bartholomew, and was about two 80s synth rockers who buy a timetravelling synth from a flasher in the street and fight to save a bar from the dreaded Russling Pete in 1880. This time-travelling musical adventure spans from 1880 to 2080, and was put together on basically no budget.

There were many setbacks due to injury, prior commitments, and unexpected jobs from the cast and crew which led to the script being written in a week, a month and a half before the show was due to perform, and only 7 rehearsals. Everyone did an amazing job and a big thank you to Tony Pilla & Silvestro Granozzo who wrote and recorded the music a week and a half before the show premiered!

Synthesise Me Cowboy Cast  

<< From left to right: Cast members, Bess Simper-Brown & Samuel Williams; Writer, Producer, Luke Bartholomew; cast members Daniella Pilla & Rosy Satanek; and director & co-creator, James Dubay.

Synthesise Me Cowboy Poster

Medigood Poster

Medigood - 2010

Medigood was the second musical by Luke Bartholomew (writer/director/producer) and Cameron White (composer/musical director). It told the story of Noa and Sara. Noa was looking for a purpose in life, and Sara was fighting for women's rights in a harsh male driven medieval time. In this world The Great Magician was sought out by boys who reach the age of 18 and he would gaze into his crystal ball and give them a purpose in life. So when the evil Alzalzior steals the crystal ball, unlikely heroes Noa and Sara team up to get it back! Considering Noa is quite a misogynist, Sara has a hard time convincing him of that women were equal to men.

Along their way they meet many different men who had all been given purposes that went against their real desires in life and we were introduced into the musical's true meaning.

Cast members below, named left to right
Standing: Mario Pilla, Kyle Branson, Pat Nash, Ashley Chadwick, Harry Breese, Paige Renshaw, Joshua Kapitza, Mitre Khammash. Sitting/Kneeling: Kelsey Piltz, James Loveband, Tamara Milne, Daniella Pilla.
  Band members below, named left to right
Renae Fatchen, Lauren Footner, Joel Dieu, Jess Archbold, Teri Wheeler, Angie Hicks, DeAnne Wilson, Sean Helps, Dylon O'Sullivan, Joseph Beech, Steph Fitzgerald, Cameron White.
Medigood Cast   Medigood Band

The Bad OrFun Musical - 2009

Originally starting as a parody script to "High School Musical", and entitled "Home School Musical", it wasn't long before The Bad OrFun Musical turned into something else. Written, directed, and produced by Luke Bartholomew, with composition and musical direction from Cameron White, The Bad OrFun Musical found a great balance of dark comedy and light hearted songs, whilst still remaining child-friendly.

The Bad Orfun Musical follows the story of Timmy, a homeschooled boy who dreams of the outside world, who is suddenly orphaned when his parents are erased in a freak stationary accident. He is then thrown into a jail-like orphanage by his unusual social service officer Chives and meets a band of interesting children. They then help try and get him adopted so he can finally achieve his dream of going to a normal school. That is, if the dreaded goat people don't stop him!

The Bad OrFun Musical Cast  

<< Cast members from left to right
Top row: Caitlin Keenan, Chris Peters, Peter Enright, Johanna McGovern, Lloyd Weir, Joseph Beech, Mario Pilla, Joshua Koster.
Middle row: Paige Renshaw, Scott Faulder, James Loveband, Joshua Kapitza, Kirsty Faulder, Luke Bartholomew.
Bottom row: Melissa Johns, Emily Cousins, Simon Moorcroft, Anna Caroline, Tamara Milne.

The Bad Orfun Musical Poster

Marionette Poster


Marionette - 2008

Marionette is an absurd comedy about two marionette's being studied by humans. Every day they would wake up, put on socks, sort jelly beans, type on a typewriter, wave to each other, type some more, and then go to sleep. That is until the two human observers introduce colourful objects into their world while they sleep. Then one finds perhaps there's more to her life than what she does every day and joins the observers, who have given up on the other marionette noticing the colourful objects. He continues with the same routine until it is interrupted when there was no marionette to wave back to him. It isn't until his routine was broken that he noticed the changes in his surroundings.

From left to right >>
Anna McInerney, director/co-producer;
cast member, Emily Cousins;
Luke Bartholomew, writer/co-producer;
and cast member, Joshua Kapitza.


Marionette Cast

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