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Choose Your Poison
Choose Your Poison

Unsound Methods
Unsound Methods

Attrition - 2014

A science fiction political drama where a family must choose who among them must die so that a new baby can live.

Written and directed by Miranda Richardson, this emotionally charged film follows four flawed characters' struggle to find morality in a dehumanising environment. Funded by the Helpmann Academy in association with Flinders Creations, the film will soon be entered into film festivals.

Matthew Hiding

June Barrett (Rachel D’Sena) struggles to comprehend the situation when her family is brought to the High Court of Attrition to discuss who among her family should die so that a new baby can live. In a future where overpopulation has become a threat to our entire species, legal regulation is necessary.

Every member of the family faces internal conflicts of saving each other or saving themselves, for the good of the individual or the good of the many. But they are all feeling worn down and June finds that it may be impossible to tell who deserves to die, especially when it might be herself.

Attrition Poster
  June and Matthew

- Cast -
June - Rachel D'Sena
Richard – Scott Perry
Evelyn – Michelle Knightingale
Matthew – Finn Perry
Government Official – Candace Haylock

- Crew -
Writer/Director - Miranda Richardson
Producer - Luke Bartholomew
1st Assistant Director - Cara Ferguson
Unit Manager - Mitre Khammash

DOP - Josh Koster
Focus Pullers - Darcy George & Phillip Cook
Clapper Loader - Tessa Price-Brooks
Stills - Cara Ferguson & Mitre Khammash

Sound - Sam Evans
Music - Emma Knights

Editor - Luke Bartholomew
Colourist - Finley McNeilage
Visual Effects - Luke Bartholomew

Makeup Artist - Makhala O'leary
Costume Design - Miranda Richardson
Seamstress - Ann Richardson
Set Design - Miranda Richardson
Set Construction - Luke Bartholomew
Props and Continuity - Lucy Gale

- Special Thanks -
The Helpmann Academy, Flinders University, Flinders Creations, Star Theatres, Urban Cine, Australian Wide Badges, The Adelaide Convention Centre, Tom Young, Scott McKenzie Phillip Cook, Mitre Khammash, Don Watton, Bev Watton, Ingrid Bartholomew, Louis Sullivan, Paris Montgomery, Molly Paton, Wesley Reynolds, Kylie Sartain, Jessica Efseaff, Nathan Flentjar, Steve Baksa, Lauran Uphom, Dylan Story, Samuel Evans, Cara Ferguson & Hayden Wasley

Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes on our purpose built set

Attrition from Wolfpack Productions on Vimeo.

Choose Your Poison - 2013

This murder mystery was written and directed by Luke Bartholomew as a challenge for his final year in university. Stepping out of his comfort zone of comedic films, and attempting to fit a genre that’s usually suited to a long-form narrative, Luke set out on this highly rewarding challenge to great public success.

An invitation is sent out to the country’s finest detectives to gather at a countryside manor to work out who’s killing them off one by one. When one of them is murdered during the night, suspicions turn to each other.

Click here to view on IMDB

James - Adrian Gruszka
Lillian – Miranda Richardson
Karkut – Kim Van Wessem
Bertino – Rodney Van der Wall
Grant – Ellis Dolan
Bernard (the butler) – Sam Evans

Screenplay/Director/Editor/VFX - Luke Bartholomew
Producer - Maddy Deane
DOP/Colour Grade - Jordan Agutter

1st AD - Lisa Webster
Unit Manager - Sinead Osborne
Production Designer - Lucy Gale
Continuity/Stills - Lachlan Murray
Makeup Artist - Makhala O'leary

Gaffer - Hannah Sitters
Best Boy - Heather Maggs
Focus Puller - April Vittiglia
Clapper Loader - Brittany Daw

Location Sound - Morgan Wright
Post Sound - James Loveband
Composer - Miranda Richardson
Pianist - Matthew Sandstrom
Cellist - Rachel Bruer Jones





Unsound Methods - 2012

Unsound Methods is a physical comedy silent action film. It was an experiment with genres on a low budget, trying to create a film as if Charlie Chaplin had made a cliché 80s action film.

DJ is a cop by day, and a DJ by night. His partner Benno thinks he's black and doesn't play by the rules. When they meet Nancy from the local radio station, she tells them of a strange frequency. Then suddenly all they can hear is silent film piano!

DJ - Mario Pilla
Benno - Chris Williss
Nancy - Sarah Allen
Hench - Ellis Dolan
Dr. Hans Enfeet - Thomas Goodall
Kung Fu Master - Benjamin Wong
Producer #1 - Jordan Agutter
Producer #2 - Luke Bartholomew
Henchman #1 - Luke Bartholomew
Henchman #2 - Jordan Agutter

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor - Luke Bartholomew
Story - Luke Bartholomew & Jordan Agutter
DOP/Special Effects - Jordan Agutter
1st AD - Maddy Deane
Gaffer - Kieran Murphy
Cam assist - Robert Domanski
Location Sound - Alejandro Pellicer
Art department - Luke Bartholomew & Jordan Agutter



Chips - 2011

A short 1 minute film made by Luke Bartholomew, starring Ashley Chadwick and Mario Pilla. This was somewhat of an early filmmaking challenge for Luke to make a film in one day with no one else apart from actors. This is the result.

Gangster 1 - Ashley Chadwick
Gangster 2 - Mario Pilla

Filmmaker - Luke Bartholomew

Chips from Wolfpack Productions on Vimeo.


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